Work release?

Jobless? (see link to article) It is an old question.  History and recent research tells us that human ingenuity and creativity will prevail, creating work for our hands and minds. 

Fast relief?

Frustration with customer service centres however, is not uncommon.  I confess that having to repeat details multiple times on the phone or online exasperates me.  

Think what it must be like for those working in customer service centres!  The best use of robotics will not be removing customer engagement with real customer service staff, but  applying robotics to releasing them (and us), from from the frustration and massive inefficiency driven by moving data across multiple legacy systems from the desktop.  Thus releasing them to use their irreplaceable emotional intelligence, creativity and intuition.

I am glad to be part of an organisation that has technology that provides fast relief -  Pega Robotics.   Check out the video.