It was always going to happen. A company comes along with a new technology that fundamentally changes an entire industry forever, just to have the same done to them. The only question is: Will the Disrupter move with the times and survive or be annihilated like their predecessors?

Let me take you back to the days of HMV when you bought music on CD on the high street. Along came Apple and more latterly Spotify and with some great innovation, changed the music industry to streamed music forever.

Whatever you may think about that, it has certainly had a devastating effect on the historic providers of music. HMV went into administration, along with almost all the other music retailers on the high street and musicians screamed blue murder about what happened to their livelihoods and commercial ability to produce music.

And then came Blockchain! Very quickly musicians such as Canadian-born Imogen Heap and violinist Zoe Keating realised that they could create blockchains of their own music assets and fans could access these directly, buying their music and cutting out the intermediaries in the middle who now control music distribution.

And today Spotify bought New York based blockchain technology company Mediachain to manage its global rights, thereby stepping straight into the new blockchain world that will threaten the existence that it has created.

So, a word to insurers out there: Not only are Disrupters thinking about how they take your distribution channels, revenue and customer relationships away from you but in the wings there are others waiting to steal it from them. As Darwin told us: “It Is Not the Strongest of the Species that Survives But the Most Adaptable”