It is a basic fact of life that people don’t like change. They find it frightening, particularly if they don’t understand it or they think it threatens them in some way. However, once they have experienced it and understood what it can do for them, they get comfortable with it very quickly. The speed of adoption of the smartphone and all the changes in society that go with it are a perfect case in point.

AI will have an even more significant, long term effect on the world than the smartphone. Many fear it but also many are using it already without appreciating that they are doing so. Most do not understand the difference between neural networks, data science and machine learning and the many other categories between, which constitute the world of AI.

Yes, it is crucial that people and organisations deploying the capabilities of AI do so responsibly but, like King Canute discovered, there is no holding back the tides of AI, so get on-board and understand it.