According to a survey from Ecclesiastical, insurance brokers have only just started using social media to do business.

Over a third of smaller brokers only speak to their clients once at renewal time, Ecclesiastical revealed in a poll. It also found that over half only contacted their clients once or twice a year.

“What became clear is that in some cases, brokers are not in regular contact with their customers,” said the insurer.

Additionally, the vast majority, a total of 94% of the brokers polled, contact clients with renewal reminders, while just 29% contact them to offer an additional product or upsell.

Asked what was stopping brokers from getting to know their customers better, some 32% of those polled admitted that they did not have enough time or people to dedicate to relationship building.

Also, 54% of brokers said it was not a priority for them to engage with people under 30 years of age despite them being a growing demographic in need of insurance cover.