Great Summary by Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute of Customer Service on the definition and advantages of Omnichannel capabilities, rather than just Multichannel.

Insurers have developed communication channels at the point in time when they became important: first call centres, then websites, then mobile etc. They were all built independently and in silos, using different technologies. So, it is no wonder that the customer journey problems Jo describes are an epidemic.

Insurers need unified, digital front office architectures, which were built to be omnichannel from the outset. Pega's research indicates that less than 5% of insurers globally have a true omnichannel capability. And while 85% have integrated at least some channels, there is still a resistant 10 per cent that have yet to integrate any channels at all, leaving their customers exposed to inconvenient and inconsistent service.

Interestingly 53% believe they will achieve full omnichannel integration within two years and 89% will get there within five years.

Plenty of work to there then!