The insurance industry has always been a relationship business. As technology has driven increasingly higher levels of productivity through greater efficiency and effectiveness, it would be a mistake to assume that this will destroy relationship based activity.

Ask yourself these questions:

 "How often do I build relationships while I do my admin?"

"How good are the relationships I have with people where I got things wrong"

"Do I have great relations with people who don't see value from dealing with me professionally?"

The truth is that good technology is 100% oriented to automating processes, making outcomes from interactions as immediate, personalised and valuable for both parties as possible and freeing up time to focus on the positive.

Any behavioural scientist will tell you that a customer interaction should minimise and concentrate the bad parts as early as possible and finish on as long and as positive a note as possible. This significantly improves both outcomes and perceptions of outcomes, so helping to build good relationships.

Combine good tech, driving great outcomes, with 100% individual personalisation and you have a tool to enhance relationships with a lot of people - not just treat them as "Segments", "Policyholders" or "Customer Journeys to be got through asap".