Great to see the UK Government getting behind investment in AI. However, there are two major cultural issues to be addressed here.

Firstly, there is a very different attitude to AI and Robotics in the West versus Asia.

People from Asian countries have been brought up with robot heros from Manga comics caring, protecting and saving them. They have a healthy respect for robots and embrace them. Hollywood has given the West, Terminator and other threats. 

Culturally then we have been conditioned to fear the rise of AI and robotics. Concerns over redundancy and automation of human roles is abundant across the media. However, studies by the Asian Development Bank show that +130 jobs are created for every 100 jobs lost.

The second issue is Opaque AI versus Transparent AI. The former is the nightmare of every insurance company when the regulator asks the question "How did you come to that decision?" If you don't have an answer in your AI system, you are in deep trouble.

Transparent AI, on the other hand, gives you full transparency on how and the audit trail to get there. Beware the AI you choose!