Insurers are struggling with Digital Transformation on so many fronts but there are three well intentioned mistakes that are being made all the time and could be avoided. Often this is because the executives involved are doing this for the first time.

These mistakes are:

1. Thinking about channels instead of customer journeys. 

Because of siloed development, separate business logic is built every time a new channel is created, stopping customers from moving across channels during interactions. As a result customers have bad and inconsistent experiences, employees become frustrated and inefficient and the lack of reuse drives increased costs and inhibited innovation.

2. Thinking about tasks instead of outcomes.

So many insurers lack common processes across systems, regions, and LOBs and then make siloed investments in robotic band-aids to deliver quick fixs. The result is disjointed customer experience, a proliferation of unmanaged bots and little visibility into improvement opportunities.

3. Thinking about silos instead of end to end.

Insurers are organised in silos: Divisions, departments, LoBs etc. This siloed organisation structure results in siloed thinking which inhibits innovation and the ability to service customers in the way that they want to experience.

All this may seem very simplistic but I have seen this so many times now that it I can identify the themes quite easily.