Three cheers for Gwent Police and the IFB!

Despite living in mature and established social circles, I have heard people I know saying that insurance fraud "doesn't hurt anyone".  I am always very quick to jump on this very hard and quote statistics on how much THEY personally pay for fraud themselves through increased premiums every year. 

I ask the basic question: if they could fund criminals (organised or not) in the form of cash instead of increased premiums, would they think it was ok? 

Our industry has a long way to go in fighting fraud, fighting the causes of fraud and fighting the unthinking mentality that leads so many people to think it is ok and that "Insurers pay". 

There will always be organised crime but all of us have a responsibility to get this message out loud and clear at every opportunity to everyone we can. Let's see headline news and TV coverage of this too.

Sorry - my Friday rant over now - I feel a small bit better and happier that they have been caught and the police allocated resources to put this one away!