This is a sad state of affairs for our industry!

There is no doubt whatsoever that technology can be used to educate, cross-sell, upsell, nudge, influence and encourage customers to understand the need to save, both for a rainy day and for their old age.

I still get people asking me if auto- enrolment is a "good idea" and I demonstrate the deal by asking them to put £10 on the table. I then match it with £10 of my own money and then say 100% interest on day one - how old will you have to be to match that (the answer is infinity at today's rates!). Oh! and by the way, you only have to put up a maximum of £7.50 not £10, as it is pre tax. They then get it immediately.

Technology can be used to mass personalise this situation for everyone's individual situation and show them how they can protect their lives and not live in penury in their old age. It just needs motivation, good customer engagement and the right tech!

Aviva showed this recently with the launch of their new Amazon Alexa app to get pensions balances.